Clemson - An All Out Sports Team

By Freddie Brister

The Clemson University baseball team, apart from representing the university in the NCAA Division I college baseball is also said to participate in the Atlantic Coast Conference. While Jack Leggett is the present head coach, only two coach changes have been made since the beginning.

.Bill Winhelm coached the Clemson baseball team from the 1970's right up to the 1990's. It wasn't until the year 2000 where Jack Leggett came and took over. The Clemson baseball team is known to play all their home games at the Doug Kingsmore Stadium as it is their home ground. Their stadium is known to have a capacity of up to 6217 spectators and fans in total.

Clemson which has always been consistent with their wins, have an impressive 40 wins in the last 21 games played by them. After leaving the Clemson University, a number of their players have been able to join Major League. The colors of their uniform are northwestern purple and burnt orange.

Brian Barnes, Jeff Baker, Jerry Brooks, Kris Neson and Mike Brown are a few among many great names that played for them. While some names are better known than others, it is worthwhile, finding out a few details about these famous players.

Scott Winchester was one of the first to ever go to major league from Clemson University. He was born on April 20th, 1973. He played as a right handed pitcher. His debut for Cincinnati Reds took place on September the 8th, 1997. His last appearance for the Cincinnati Reds was on August 9th, 2001. By the time he had retired he had settled for stats that did not show a true reflection of his performances. He had a win loss ration of 3-8. His earned run average was 5.42 and strike outs were at 55.

Born on 5th December 1974, playing as a pitcher, Ken Vining was another popular player who joined the Chicago White sox and made his debut appearance on 23rd May 2001. Not much later however, he made his last appearance for the Sox on 5th July of the same year.

With an earned run average of 17.55 and just 3 strike outs, Vining's career statistics also did not show his real capabilities.

Matt White Matt White who was born on 19th August 1977 was a relief pitcher and made his debut appearance for the Boston Red Sox on 27th May 2003. Matt however, did not stop at playing for one team and was known to have played for the Seattle Mariners, Yokohama Bay Stars, Washington Nationals as well as the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions.

According to his career statistics Matt had a win loss ratio of 0:2 and an earned run average of 16.76 with only 3 strike outs. He too was another player whose on field performance was much better when compared to his statistics. - 31492

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Baseball Strength Training Program

By Ron Wrigley

Becoming the best baseball player on the field takes hard work. Many of the greatest athletes of our time spent years working to achieve the success that they have achieved. While it won't happen overnight, a good baseball strength training program will help you reach your goals. If you are just getting started, there are a few training tips you should remember.

Running drills will help you with speed and agility. However, your strength training should focus on a good weight lifting workout. It is important to mix up the types of weights you use. For instance, instead of just using kettle balls and free weights, try adding resistance weights as well.

If this is your first time doing this sort of exercise, you should take it easy at first. The last thing any athlete wants is an injury. Start with exercises you feel comfortable with and find easy. You will get stronger as you continue to work out. Remember to use lighter weights when working the upper body to avoid injury.

To protect yourself from shoulder injuries you should never practice pressing motions with very heavy weights. When you are exercising your lower body parts you can use heavy weights. It is important to remember: before you start any strength training program you should do some stretching exercises to prepare your muscles. Yoga techniques are helpful for this.

Keep in mind that in the moment you reach for the ball you need to have a lot of core strength. To achieve this you must exercise especially the abdomen and the lower back.

Remember that you can achieve a great performance in baseball only if you are training a lot. Talent is not enough to become one of the best players. This sport requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. - 31492

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IOWA - One Of The Many Well Known Sports Teams

By Freddie Brister

The University of Northern Iowa was known to have a baseball team that use to take part in the NCCA Division I. The team was known as Northern Iowa Panthers baseball. The team was based in Cedar Falls, Iowa however that is no longer the case. The University of Northern Iowa has discontinued the program at their university from this year.

Rick Heller, the head coach of the team at that time served a ten year period and the team was nicknamed panthers. The Waterloo Riverfront Stadium which was their home stadium could hold up to 4277 spectators. The focus at present however is on the minor league teams since baseball at university level does not exist any more.

Even if they are not as famous as other teams, the four Class A teams in the Midwest League known as Burlington Bees, Quad Cities River Bandits, Clinton Lumber Kings and Cedar Rapid Kernels, they too have produced some quality players who have reached a professional level. It is worthwhile taking a look at some of them who did make it to the major league.

Born in Texas on 23rd September 1985, Kenn Anthony Kasperk was invited to join the Chicago Cubs in 2004 when he was quite young, which was turned down by him. Neither did he accept a draft contract from the Washington Nationals in 2007.

However, he decided to take up the offer from Seattle Mariners in 2008 and was drafted during the Major League Baseball draft in the 12th round. Kenn has made quite an impression early in his career with the Seattle Mariners.

Known as a right handed batter and bowler, many feel that they can expect a lot from him in the future since he's young and has a long career in front of him.

Someone of the same caliber is Denny Almonte who was born in Miami Florida on 24th Sept. 1988 and even though he was younger than Kenn, Seattle Mariners drafted him into Major Baseball League in 2007. While being still at school, Denny found time to get some practice in the game at the same time he played little league.

When trying to get into the more challenging national level, Danny's talent was recognized before long and his specialty in being a right handed thrower and switcher in batting got him noticed by many a team. If he goes on as he does, we can be sure that there will be many other teams who will want him on their side pretty soon.

Jerry Nyman who initially played for Chicago White Sox was later signed on as the now famous coach of the Midwest League who trained the players for many years. - 31492

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What To Know About The Top-Sports-Betting-Reviews

By Jay Morrison

If you love sports or simply love to gamble, Top-Sports-Betting-Reviews can help you to become a winner in sports betting. Sports betting allows thousands of people to win on a regular basis.

While sports betting is illegal in much of the United States, nearly every city has a bookie that works in the back of another business. Today you do not need to travel to Vegas but can legally take part in sports betting on the internet through many of the offshore gambling establishments. In addition to sports betting, these establishments offer a safe and secure way to play casino games and poker in your own home on your computer.

The winners in sports betting have a simple system that directs their wagers. Most of the systems are based on simple statistics. Using tools such as a bell curve gives the odds of winning any wager. If you do not have a handle on statistics yourself, then you need a person or method that can allow you to enter numbers into the formula to tell you when you should bet and when to hold off. Many of the systems offer up to a 95 percent chance of being right in your bets.

In sports betting, there are two types of bets made. The first is the straight bet or moneyline bet which is simply a bet made as to who will win the game. If Team A is playing against Team B, the straight bet is that Team A will beat Team B. If your bet is on Team A and they win, then you win the bet.

Bets that involve point spreads are bets that a team will will or lose by a certain number of points. In this type of bet, you may win by betting on a losing team if the winning team did not score at least the point spread above the score of the losing team.

Good betting reviews should remind you that it is not wise to bet on each match. Those who win the most in sports betting only bet on games where the numbers show a very good chance of getting a return from the bet. When you use the system, follow the same formula for each game. While it is sometimes difficult, avoid allowing emotions and hunches to take over your formula. When the numbers tell you to avoid a game, then you should stay away and wait for games which are more favorable.

You can find many systems that claim to offer winning results, but this is not always the case. Some systems just do not produce. Be skeptical and allow other users to prove the system before buying into it. Ask for a money back guarantee with no questions ask before purchasing the system. If it does not prove itself, ask for your money back and find a better system.

By checking the Top-Sports-Betting-Reviews you will be able to keep track of the numbers in order to make better wagers and to bring in more money as a result of your bets. - 31492

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Alabama - Take Pride In Alabama

By Freddie Brister

The Crimson Tide is the baseball team name that represents the University of Alabama. They are known to play for the NCCA Division I college baseball league for quite some time now.

Progressing quite significantly in baseball, Crimson tide has also participated in the southeastern conference as well as the Western Division while all games they take part in are said to be hosted at their home ground which is the Sewell-Thomas Stadium.

It is said that the Stadium can accommodate more than 6571 spectators and fans altogether and Alabama has been winning a record number of just over 2000 games, continuously for the past several years. Mitch Gaspard is their head coach at present.

Jim Wells, the coach that helped Alabama in the early years to win all their matches was replaced by the present coach. A number of players after graduating from the University of Alabama have gone on to play major league.

To name a few; John Baumgarner, Ike Boone, Lance Cromier, Jack Bolling and Andy Cohen although there are many more. Statistics of a few famous players who made it to major league are given below:

Taylor Mark Tankersely Born on 7th March 1983, a very popular player who started off with the Florida Marlins on 3rd June 2006 and plays as a relief pitcher. Being both a left handed batsmen and thrower, Taylor has had an impressive run with an earned run average of 4.25, 108 strike outs and a win loss ratio of 8:3 to date.

Tommy Hunter Tommy Hunter was born on 3rd July 1986 and is a starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers who wears the number 35. Another very popular player Tommy debuts for Texas Rangers on 1st August 2008 and is still playing for them. His remarkable career consists of a win loss ratio of 9:8 while his present earned run average is 5.20. He also has 73 strike outs.

David Robertson David Robertson who graduated from the Alabama University was born on 9th April 1985 and was drafted by the New York Yankees on 29th June 2008. He has been one of the most recent players to join from the Alabama University.

David who plays as a relief pitcher wears the number 30 for the Yankees. With amazing statistics of a win loss ratio of 6:1, an average run rate of 4:14 and 99 strike outs. Being so successful at such a young age, it was possible for him to be a part of the 2009 World Series Championship. Great are the future expectations from this youngster. - 31492

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Journey Suggestions to Pittsburgh

By Seth Hargraveis

Pittsburgh is a city in Southwestern Pennsylvania. With a population of more than 350,000 folks and an region that covers several square miles, it is one particular on the largest cities while in the state of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh lies where the Monongahela River and also the Allegheny River meet, forming the Ohio River. The rivers and mountains surrounding the metropolis make for a one of a kind terrain. Since of this, the city developed as numerous separate, distinct regions or neighborhoods. Every single region has different functions that make the city an outstanding travel destination for the young and old alike.

Millions of men and women vacation to Pittsburgh each year for different sporting occasions. Pittsburgh has expert football, hockey, and baseball teams, all of which are located within the heart of down town. Whether you're traveling to see the Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates, Pittsburgh's sporting events are a large attraction. Inside the summer months, Pittsburgh is likewise host to a number of concerts, and you will find theatrical performances in various areas year round.

Pittsburgh can be a incredibly historical city with countless fascinating areas and museums. Downtown is property for the Andy Warhol art museum and the Children's Museum. In Oakland visitors can go for the Carnegie Museum of Art too as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Pittsburgh is likewise household for the Carnegie Science Center and several other museums too as a huge and very popular zoo. Just outside of Pittsburgh there is also an amusement park identified as Kennywood. The little park was founded inside the late 1800s, but it remains a incredibly famous tourist destination.

Shopping and dining are also outstanding in Pittsburgh. The a variety of regions each feature an eclectic group of restaurants and one of a kind shops. Pittsburgh is usually household to a number of buying malls and most any well-known chain restaurant one could imagine. The Primanti Brother restaurant is an vital part from the Pittsburgh dining experience. You will discover numerous locations, but the original is located while in the city's Strip District. The restaurant serves the well-known Primani Sandwich which characteristics two slices of fresh baked Italian bread piled high with toppings which includes cole slaw and french fries.

No matter what your taste, Pittsburgh is a metropolis for men and women of all interests. Because it is not considered to be a top vacation destination, it can also be really affordable to vacation there as hotels are commonly inexpensive. - 31492

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Ed Wade's Bullpen Obsession

By Hugh Manning

Ed Wade, previously with the Phillies, is known to be a master at assembling a strong bullpen. Wade, presently GM for the Astros, has attempted to do the same in Houston. As soon as he took on the job, relievers like Brad Lidge and Chad Qualls were shipped out, and guys like Valverde, Brocail, LaTroy Hawkins and others came in.

Wade believes in keeping your friends close and your bullpen closer. Early on, you could see his strategy: Have more relief pitching than you need because you never know which guys are going to tank on you from year to year. In 2008, it was Villarreal who suddenly lost it. In 2009, it's been a bad year for Geary and Brocail. Generally, the philosophy has served Ed well but, in 2009, it has been a bit pricey. According to, the Astros are ninth in major league payroll at just under $103 million. After deadline trades, they may have slid to 11th but that evades my point.

By my fuzzy math, the Astros' bullpen salary comes out to $18.424 million. That's in the same ballpark as what the World Champion Phillies spend, the team closest in overall market size to what the Astros are. Yet, if you look at some of the other contending National League teams, the bullpen cost appears to be above average. The Dodgers, even with George Sherrill recently added from the Orioles, has a bullpen costing around $7.2 million. St. Louis is spending around $6.2 million. The Braves spend about $12 million. The Giants about $13 million. Looking at that, you can understand why the Dodgers could afford to add Randy Wolf while the Astros couldn't.

In Wade's defense, the entire problem isn't his responsibility. The Astros signed closer Jose Valverde to a large contract and the team had planned to ship him out during the off-season. Due to the economic difficulties of the past year, teams will no longer take on such a high salary unless they're fully confident in the player, and Valverde doesn't fit the bill.

You would think with an $18 million dollar bullpen, they would pitch like gangbusters, but that hasn't exactly been the case. Through Wednesday, the Astros' relief corps has a 4.28 ERA. They are ninth in saves and next-to-last in blown saves and save percentage (only Washington is worse). All the key members have spent at least part of the season on the disabled list. Part of the problem traces to Cecil Cooper, who seems to treat his bullpen pitchers like a drunk treats whiskey bottles. He goes to them early and often until they are all used up and, even then, he checks them periodically to see if he can coax one more drop from them.

Cooper has irresponsibly used many of the team's relievers, most notably LaTroy Hawkins and Chris Sampson. During the first three months of the season, Cooper showed little regard for their potential fatigue, and this resulted in injuries on the part of both players last month.

Good minds can disagree on whether it makes more sense to have four bullpen pitchers averaging $2 million a year or one starting pitcher making $8 million a year. Mistakes can be made either way (see Jason Jennings and Woody Williams as recent examples where spending on starting pitching didn't work out well). Given the Astros' budgetary constraints, Wade needs to decide whether relief pitching counts more than starting pitching and spend accordingly. There doesn't seem to be enough in the till to feed the need of both the rotation and the bullpen.

So many names in Houston (and talented ones) are on the verge of seeing increased salaries or expiring contracts. Wandy Rodriguez, Michael Bourne, Hunter Pence, and Miguel Tejada are just a few of these names. There's no way the Astros can maintain their bullpen and sign all of these names too.

Seeing Ed Wade's track record, he may very well opt to continue focusing on the bullpen. - 31492

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